Emergency Dentistry Aurora

When You Have a Dental Emergency

There’s almost nothing worse than calling a dentist when you’re in pain and being told they cannot see you until tomorrow or the next day. That’s why, here at Summerbrook Dental Group, we make every effort to give you a same-day appointment when you are in pain and have a dental emergency. It’s what we believe emergency dentistry should be all about: getting you out of pain and back to your life as soon as possible.

More Than One Dental Treatment Option

We have found that there’s often more than one way to effectively treat a dental problem. We will always explain your treatment alternatives and associated costs so that you can decide what’s best or most convenient for you. We also offer a discount plan for patients who are not covered by dental insurance. Since you don’t always have an emergency when it’s convenient and when you have dental insurance, our Summerbrook Dental Group discount plan helps reduce your costs for the care you need to maintain your oral health.

Fast Diagnosis and Pain Relief

When you see us during an emergency visit, you will receive a quick, accurate diagnosis of what’s causing that toothache – as well as options for immediate treatment. We won’t stop there. We’ll also provide suggestions on how to manage the pain when you are at home.

Loose Dental Crown?

Is a loose crown a dental emergency? You bet. A loose crown can totally disrupt your bite and chewing mechanics and even damage nearby teeth. But we can help! At Summerbrook Dental Group, same-day cementation of a loose crown is often possible and necessary.

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