Service Overview

If you’re looking for all the dental services and care you need in one place, look to Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora. We are a comprehensive, full-service dental practice with general, family, implant, sedation and cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative dentistry, orthodontics, periodontal disease prevention and gum disease care. Our array of services include:

We welcome patients from Aurora, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Delmar Parkway, Englewood, Lakewood, Mission Viejo and nearby communities.

Making Dentistry Easy by being AFFORDABLE!

At Summerbrook Dental Group, we believe that dentistry should be easy. It starts with short paperwork before you even enter the door, and it continues right through with a friendly staff and results that look good, feel good and last a long time.

One of the most common reason patients don’t seek care is because dentistry (especially in Aurora, CO) can be expensive!

At Summerbrook, we aim to do as much as possible to help dentistry be affordable. We do this by:

  • Being in-network with many of the common dental insurance plans
  • Offering our own, in-house plan for patients without insurance
  • Offering payment plans that are easy and affordable
  • Spreading out care over a longer period of time
  • Bundling procedures so that we can discount our services, giving you a single, overall low-cost instead of nickel-and-diming you every time you come in

We believe our numbers speak for themselves! That’s why we’re completely transparent. Just look at this list of some of the most common procedures we perform, including the “cash price” as well as what the average price is that OUR patients end up paying for services. We’re so confident that we publish these numbers and challenge anyone else to beat the overall value received at Summerbrook.

Procedure Cash price Average price paid at Summerbrook Insurance Code
Sedation (Our patients love to sleep through their procedures!) $200 $150 D9243
Regular Exam $55 $39 D0120
Emergency Exam $75 $57 D0140
New Patient Exam $98 $65 D0150
Full Set of X-rays $150 $104 D0210
Single X-ray $30 $16–$20 D0220 and D0230
4 Bitewing X-rays $68 $46 D0274
Adult Cleaning $98 $76 D1110
Deep Cleaning $198–$300 $131–$206 D4341 and 4342
Debridement $141 $107 D4355
Laser Bacterial Reduction $30 $30 LBR
Periodontal Maintenance $160 $111 D4910
Child Cleaning $68 $51 D1120
Sealant $70 $40 D1351
Small Filling, Front Tooth $150 $114 D2330
Medium Filling, Front Tooth $250 $149 D2331
Large Filling, Front Tooth $350 $195 D2335
Small Filling, Back Tooth $150 $122 D2391
Medium Filling, Back Tooth $200 $156 D2392
Large Filling, Back Tooth $300 $188 D2393
Crown $1200 $938 D2740
Buildup $250 $173 D250
Root Canal $900–$1200 $578–$903 D3310,3320,3330
Implant $2000 $1628 D6010
Bone Graft $700 $398 D6104
Extraction $130–$500 $203–$367 D7210,7220,7230,7240
Second Opinion FREE FREE D9310
Desensitize Tooth $50 $36 D9910
Orthodontics $7500 $3500–$5700 D8090
Denture $1600 $963–$1175 D5110,5120,5130,5140
Partial Denture $1750 $1133–$1455 D5213,5214
“Teeth In A Day” $50,000 $40,000 Multiple

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