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About Our Practice

High-Quality Dental and Orthodontic Care With a Personal Touch for Individuals and Families in Aurora

What Makes Summerbrook Dental Different?

We Prioritize YOU

At Summerbrook Dental, we approach dental and orthodontic care a little differently than other practices in that we make it clear that you – our patients – are our top priority. We want to hear your input on the care that you’re looking for, how we can make you as comfortable as possible and what we can do to provide better customer service.

Unlike the way other dental practices function, our relationship with you does not depend on the type or level of care you agree to receive. You are in no way obligated to agree to any of the treatments we recommend; our relationship with you will not be affected and you will still receive high-quality care from us.

Part of making you a priority in our office includes taking your unique goals and preferences into account when making our treatment recommendations, which will vary for each patient. Together, we will look at your goals, treatment objectives and the latest research to create a treatment plan that is best for your individual health. If you prefer to explore treatments other than the ones we recommend, we are happy to explore the alternatives with you, examining the advantages and disadvantages of each and seeking a second opinion as necessary. We’ve worked with other dentists before and will continue to collaborate to create a treatment plan that will give you the best results.

We’re Safe, Smart and Flexible

There is a minimum safety standard that exists in dentistry when it comes to infection control and patient treatment. We are proud to state that not only do we meet these standards but we exceed them in all cases across the board. We are committed to patient privacy, and if there is a particular treatment or service that you would rather not have, such as fluoride or X-rays, just let us know. Again, at Summerbrook Dental Group, we’ll make treatment recommendations but you make the final call.

One of our cornerstone philosophies is prevention. As you know, it is usually better, easier and cheaper to prevent oral problems than to treat diseases. That’s why we rely on the latest research to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of treatment modalities and safety standards. We frequently are among the first offices to employ new materials and methods that you may not find elsewhere! We pride ourselves on encouraging our dentist and other providers to read relevant medical studies so that we can recommend the best possible treatment.

We are pleased to be able to offer flexibility to our patients. If you have an emergency, we can most likely see you in our office on the same day, even if it’s a weekend or holiday. We know what it’s like to be in pain, especially when you’re trying to relax with friends and family, so we go to great lengths to ensure that we can treat you as soon as possible. In fact, patients can call our dentist in Aurora, CO by cell phone in case help is needed after-hours, on weekends or during holidays. We truly care about you and are willing to do all we can to ease your suffering.

We welcome patients from Aurora, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Delmar Parkway, Englewood, Lakewood, Mission Viejo and surrounding areas.

About Dr. Jim Craig

Dr. Jim Craig did his undergraduate work at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah and graduated from dental school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He served briefly as a student professor at the University of Missouri Dental School, where he taught courses in Clinical Dentistry, Biochemistry and Histology. Dr. Craig and his wife, Angela, are the proud parents of six great kids. As a family, they love being outdoors, mountain biking, trail or rock climbing, and pursuing their quest of finding the perfect campsite.

Types of Procedures

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies happen – knocked-out, loose or cracked teeth, puncture wounds, lacerations, facial wounds and more. Our dentist and staff can get you out of pain or danger quickly. Learn more.

Sedation Dentistry

We can help you relax and alleviate anxiety during surgeries or particularly uncomfortable dental appointments with our sedative treatments. Learn more.


If and when you’re ready for dentures, we offer partial and full solutions that will help you feel comfortable eating, drinking, talking and smiling. Learn more.


We can alleviate jaw pain and improve jaw mobility through our therapies and medications for TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Learn more